– with TUBI style programmable EPG

Broadcast your own off-the-grid television or radio service under your own brand without restrictions on content, streaming time or amount of channels. Imagine being able to launch a TV network with hundreds of live channels replete with cloud admin, installation, updates, hosting, and round the clock tecnical support.

  • Progressive Web App
  • Unlimited Web Streaming
  • Programmable EPG
  • Priority Support
  • Daily/Weekly DVR Backups
$799.99 $499.99 + tax

What’s included in Hosted Plan

Need Hosting?

We provide premium hosting services for our clients, with Fast and secure servers.


We will install your TV Network and train your team via conference on how to create and manage your live channels.


We will keep your TV Network secure and accessible 24/7, so you don’t worry about your online presence.


you will have priority to software updates, we will install critical updates directly to your TV Network so you don’t need to worry about anything.


You will have priority premium support, all TV Network owners get our very best and most responsive support.